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Dear Lisa thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I hope your treatment goes well you are defenetly such a strong beautiful woman, and i admire you so much.I can only continue to pray that our beautiful Lord continue's to Bless you during this difficult time, so you can continue to bless others.... i love you

Elsa Lopez

Lisa, my love dont forget that many of us have gone through this and God has seen us through... why are you doubting that he will do the same for you. This is life... we go through pain and struggles but God is always there for us. I will pray that God gives you strength to go through all these things (which by the way have a reason) and that he give you strength to know that he is God and that all things happen for good and he is a good God and will prosper you. Turn to your left and to your right and there are many other women who have gone through this with their eyes closed waiting on God to lead the way.... I invite you today to trust more and FearLess.

God Bless, Elsa

Lisa Lorenzo

Hi Elsa, I'm not doubting. I know God has brought me to where I am. Sometimes I just need to stop, stand and even cry. The pain of having the skin removed with surgical tape was breathtaking. It has been a lot to deal with. Not many are diagnosed with their mother-in-law in the same month. I am sad that she is having to deal with this now but trust even more that God will see me through. Our family has taken two huge hits in a short time. But I know we will be stronger because of it when we come out the side. Blessings.

Darys Abraham

My dear Lisa,
My first instinct was to run to your defense, but God!!!! So I decided to talk truth, since I have been walking by you during this journey and know the truth of who you are. I praise God that He allowed me to see the true Lisa, full of faith, yet human. I praise God that He has used you so very mightily as the encourager to your mommy-in-law despite being just one short step ahead of her. I praise God because you have shown quite the opposite of "doubt" throughout this venture. And I praise God that you are surrounded by people who know the true Lisa and in the end, have come to the conclusion that you are their "hero" (after Jesus :-)... like me!)
So my beloved sister and friend, you continue to shine that light that shines brighter than most... You continue to not close your eyes and minister and inspire the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who REALLY KNOW YOU... You continue to love and be loved the way no one else I know can... And finally you continue steadfast and immovable, trusting more and FearingLess just like you have so obviously been. Remember that sadness and emotions do NOT equal "doubt"... they equal a "human with emotions" and with that "humanness" (Is that a word?), you are reaching a multitude for our King's glory!!!
I love you!

Lisa Lorenzo

Darys. I loubve you!!! That's all I can say:)

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